The ICT team after service.
During A Service In KIBUCU
Praise And Worship Team
KIBUCU Praise Team after service
KIBUCU Inreach
KIBUCU during an inreach crusade
Kibabii University Christian Union members showing unity is power as we head towards the general election.
Kibabii University Christian Union members during Cancope Campaign.



Praise God, I consider it a joy and pleasure to serve in the house of God as the Chairperson(Rom 12:6-8) for it's by God’s grace I can confidently say so (Rom 11:6). One thing that motivates me in my service to his people is the honor of realizing this being part of God’s plan for KIBUCU for he had all set for this season (Rom 8:29-30). As the team leader, the growth and progress of the KIBUCU since 2012 to my current service in the spiritual year 2016/2017 is my key focus. KIBUCU is a church which centers its objective upon the growth of students in the university through Discipleship, Evangelism, Leadership Development, and Missions. I gladly enjoy serving with a team of twelve other leaders who endeavor tirelessly to realize these aims of the church. This is a season that I count it as my training to a higher mark in the body of Christ, I hereby call all into the house of God that we may do the work Christ left unto us all called by his name with humility, it will be a great joy seeing you come to fellowship with us and with gladness we rejoice to serve all to the best of the ability and grace given unto us by God (Eph 6:6-7). Feel free and at the feet of Christ as you join the KIBUCU family in all our wonderful events. God bless you.
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God  is  most  Glorified with us when we are most satisfied in Him
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One counselor once said, “where there is a high tech there is a high touch”. Therefore, to be a balanced scholar, one needs to strengthen his spiritual domain. The word of God empowers a young scholar to stand out above all impediments that can curtail them from achieving their career dream.In psalm 138:7; The Lord will perfect everything concerning me by his Word. The C.U offers a golden opportunity for Christian student not only to be preached to but to be mentored by professional preachers who not only preach but also live the talk. It gives one a shoulder to lean on in adversity and blessed hope in the future. With God, everything is possible to them who not only read but also walk and pray the word. Amen.
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Kibabii University Christian Union invite all alumni on 16th-18th June for the elders weekend thus Launching alumni association for kibucu. Welcome A friend to tell a friend too

Thanks to our ICT development team. We now have a new and running website. keep in touch and see more from the team.

We welcome all of you to our prayer sessions. Evening Prayers take place in ABB 004 from 6pm- 6.40pm Night Prayers take place in ABB 310 from 9pm-10pm Feel to join us at your convenient time

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You are to be holy to me because I, the Lord, am holy, and I have set you apart from the nations to be my own.
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